eXposed 2016 – Exhibit Catalog

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Adolfo Echeverry

Originally from Colombia, he started taking pictures as a teenager but really was able to fully express his passion for photography when he moved to San Francisco 17 years ago. The City provided him not only with its architecture and landscape but also with its unique urban vibe.

Additional to street photography, he is also an avid photographer of the picturesque streetcars of San Francisco. His pictures have been featured in the Market Street Railway calendar, Museums in Motion, four years in a row.

In a field dominated by B&W photography, he loves color. 

Alexey Betin

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Hi, my name is Alexey Betin. I have a career outside of photography. Originally from Russia, I happen to be living in San Francisco now. “San Francisco itself is art,” said William Saroyan. It inspired me to get a camera, go out and capture its beautiful moments.

Anthony Armstrong is a hobbyist photographer whose formal training began with watching YouTube videos and reading books about photography from the local San Francisco Public Library. Thanks to the influential work of street photographers such as Alex Webb, Fred Herzog, and Thomas Leuthard, as well as gaining tutelage from photographers Nathan Wirth, Grant Murray, Rob Dweck, and Ming Thein, Anthony began to learn and better recognize the finer points of this visual medium and craft. Consequently he has been able to create stronger and more compelling images capturing the light, shadows, and people of San Francisco.

CJ Lucero

I am a photographer based in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

When photographing, I prefer the feel of black and white. I find it less distracting than color and it helps isolate my subject matter. This way you are more focused on what’s in the photo rather than what’s on it.

As the old saying goes “Life is a journey, not a destination.” We need to learn how to slow down and occasionally look at what and who is around us. There is a whole other world there that I escape to every time I press my shutter. Photography is my escape. It’s my journey.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Costa Panagopoulos, a self-taught Photographer, began his creative career with the medium of painting. 

Initially, he painted in oils and then expanded to using Egg-Tempera paints. Costa then explored the world of 3D Graphics and 3D modeling. Photography eventually became a natural extension of the two previous mediums. 

Costa is especially inspired with the area of Events/Street Photography. In a recent interview he was asked why he is drawn to explore that specific area of Photography. Costa responded: “I was never able to paint faces or capture the human expression to my level of satisfaction. In Event/Street Photography, I am inspired by the energy of the people, the music and I find myself drawn to a person with an interesting face, a glint in their eye and then I feel the connection and capture it with my camera. It feels creatively gratifying to me to connect the observer of my photo with the beauty I perceive in the subject’s face.

David Clarkson

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Born and raised in the middle of the country, I traveled constantly as a military brat and corporate gypsy. Monterey is my 19th and, hopefully, final home. For most of those years I carried a camera wherever I went. I now spend most of my time as a street photographer, largely in San Francisco. Other favorite cities include New York and Chicago.

What I see on the streets and my reactions to it drive my work. I do not confine myself to specific areas or events. Rather, I let the energy and light pull me through my walks.

I was born and raised in Italy and moved to San Francisco in 1983. Photography has always been something I enjoyed as a hobby, but it wasn’t until I purchased my first DSLR camera five years ago, that I began taking it more seriously. Street photography, landscape, cityscapes, long-exposure, and my favorite, B&W, are some of the things you’ll find me shoot. I like to compare photography to music. Where music stimulates you through sound, photography stimulates you visually. Peter Rosos, a local street photographer, once told me “street photography is like playing the blues” and I love the blues.

Denis Englander

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1947 California born, San Francisco raised. 

My first experience in photography was around 1956 while standing in the red glow of the SF Boys Club darkroom, watching a Black and White print come to life in a tray of developer. Pure magic! 

With the 1970 purchase of a new Nikon Nikormat 35mm film SLR camera, and its 50mm f2 kit lens, I reconnected with the magic of photography that I continue to learn about to this digital age. 

Thank you for visiting my work, here and on Facebook. Enjoy!

Erik Wilson is a longtime biotech lab rat and amateur photographer who enjoys baseball, music, politics and Irish whiskey. He has called San Francisco home since 1981, and very much enjoys capturing candid shots of the diverse group of people who make up this amazing city. He is also fond of shooting abandoned couches and chairs wherever he goes.

Gayla Worrell

I’ve been pointing cameras at things for most of my life but have only become serious about the craft of photography since moving to the Bay Area about five years ago.  Though my primary focus is landscape and nature photography, I’m fascinated by the diversity of the people of our City.  Rarely a day goes by that I don’t run across something that makes me grab my camera while thinking, “Only in San Francisco!”  It’s those moments that draw my attention from nature to the nature of people.

James Watkins

My interest in photography began on the streets of Paris, France in 1991. Armed with disposable cameras, I explored the City of Light to document my lifelong dream of visiting the city. Two years later, I returned to Paris – this time with a real camera – and was forever hooked on photography. Although gainfully employed in the Chicago financial services industry, I continued to follow my passion for photography, creating and selling travel-oriented images from the U.S. and Europe. Now I concentrate on landscape, cityscape, architectural and street photography. I’ve been published in magazines, newspapers, books and state travel guides.

Jaya Bhat

While I have been taking photographs all my life, my photography first became serious a few ago when I set about documenting the city of San Francisco for the benefit of my two children. I wanted them to have a visual record of the city that they grew up in, a city which would no doubt change in so many ways by the time they were old enough to get nostalgic. Out of that grew a drive to document the area we called home.   So I wander the city, camera in hand and eyes wide open.

John Mazzei is a photographer and composer.   His photographic vision is to reveal something lurking in the everyday and things not usually photographed.  John also shoots portraits, fashion and fine art images in his studio.  His music is on over 200 TV shows.  He is an avid foodie and wine lover, and spends time enjoying all things SF with his wife and dog.

Ken Walton is a San Francisco-based photographer and founder of the annual “Streetfoto” Festival.

Marcell Turner is a photographer and film maker based in the Bay Area who has had a camera in his hand one way or the other since he was a child. His love for Cinema can be seen through his images and they capture what some would consider mundane everyday moments. For the viewer, they remind us of memories: memories of our own unique stories while capturing the soul of what is depicted and giving breath to moments passed.

Mike Kirschner

Started shooting people by taking my Minolta XG-M to Grateful Dead concerts in 1983; got published and started getting into shows for free! I was hooked. My focus has always been on people: music & concerts, events, and street.

Neil Geller is a San Francisco Bay Area photographer with a focus on street photography, portraiture, documentary, and photo journalism.

Pete Rosos is a freelance photographer and educator. His interests include street photography, photojournalism, and abstract. He first started working in photography in 1998 as an assistant to multiple photographers working at Fairlight Media Pool (a music photography agency) in Hamburg, Germany. He studied and graduated from Speos Photographic Institute in 2000. His work ranges from shooting for Kapital Clothing Japan, nonprofits such as Acta Non Verba and LifeLong Health Care, and as a regular contributor to His work has been shown at The Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon, The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado, The Perfect Exposure Gallery in Los Angeles, California, and Oakland’s “Through the Lens.”

Born and raised in rural Illinois and bouncing around from Chicago to San Francisco. Casper has spent the last 15 years in the creative world, from graphic design and web design, to managing a vehicle graphics art department. One thing has always been constant, a camera in hand.

2009 is when it got more serious and by 2011 and the rise of the Occupy movement, he found a deep fascination with documenting people.

Now living in northern California, he specializes in street and documentary photography, real estate, events, products and fine art.

Beyond photography, Casper also teaches photography workshops and produces the StreetPX Photography Podcast, a relaxed interview show, centered on street, documentary and photojournalism.

Robert Zhimantas

Robert Zhimantas is a composer & flamenco guitarist. He has been drawing since childhood and studied New Media in college. Photography eventually replaced drawing as Robert’s means of visual expression.

Roxanne Bouche’ Overton

I believe photographers are the luckiest of people. We don’t just look with our eyes – we see with our hearts. We capture moments others sometimes miss and in our sharing of those moments, we allow others to experience the vision and insight that is uniquely ours.

Through the lens, I find the wonders of man, the mystery of shadows and reflections, the simple joy of life, and a connection to the infinite. My camera has expanded my world view and my mind until I can no longer just observe – I have become an equal participant in the experience.

Russell Allen

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Born in Garden City New York 1956- Raised in Amityville Long Island N.Y.- Graduated University of Florida 1979 BA English- I am a Poet, Photographer and Vocational Carpentry Teacher for the Carpenter’s Union.-My poetry moves towards the visual: emotion, longing and place; my photography trades in the poetic.

Steven Bollman

I was born in New York and graduated from School of Visual Arts (NYC) with a BFA in Photography in 1983. My work has been published in Aperture, U.S. News and World Report, Vanity Fair and Newsday among others. In 1987 I joined the photo agency Matrix covering Haiti’s Democratic elections. I have worked on photographic essays in SF Bay Area, Cuba, Haiti, Sicily, Spain, France and New York.

Terry Scussel is a Marin-based photographer whose subject content includes urban street, street portraiture, landscape, night skies, and international travel photography.

After 40 years in business it was time to re-purpose with creativity and advocacy. A lifelong passion for photography and his 32-year advocacy for his daughter’s rights and resources as a person with disabilities were natural evolutions.

While retired Terry stays active as a photographer and special needs transportation consultant. He is originally from Chicago. He grew up and was educated in Florida and has called Mill Valley his home for the last 32 years.

Thomas V. Hilton

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for 40 years, 28 of those in San Francisco. Ten years ago, realizing that I had grown blasé about living here, I started carrying around a digital point-and-shoot to remind myself to look at things. 3 or 4 cameras later, with a lot of help & encouragement from a great and supportive community of shooters (especially the Street Photography group, and the Friday Night Drinking & Shooting Club), I feel like I can sort of call myself a photographer.

I grew up in the suburbs of North Texas riding bicycles, playing in creeks, and always playing with art. I received a BFA from Texas Tech University in Sculpture and attended Bowling Green State University for graduate studies in Photography and Sculpture. I currently reside and document my life in the North San Francisco Bay Area.

My current work crosses the documentary and street genres and probes deeply into the world closely revolving around me. It’s a two meter circle that follows me everywhere, and shines light on the events that unfold every day in that circle. 

Born and raised in New York, Tori was brought up in an entertainment family. Being raised on film sets she was influenced by many creative people.  Interests and studies in photography started at a young age. Eventually she transplanted to the West Coast and re-entered the film industry.

She diverted into public service, first as a Medic and then into Law Enforcement. She is currently a retired Police Officer providing the opportunity to photograph again, this time entering the digital age.

Her current work is focusing on Street Photography / Documentary projects, combining her experience of service and love of photography.